I have tried various methods found on the internet, including xbacklight . The main issue is I have no folder inside /sys/class/backlight.

Usually others happnened to have a folder like intel_backlight and inside it they had other files which they could change to change to backlight.

But I dont have any folder in it.

My details

It may have something to do with the graphic drivers as the sometimes screen tearing happens when watching youtube videos as well.

Thanks in advance.


I simply had to change kernel parameters.

The only thing left after "quiet splash" was "i915.alpha_support=1"

I removed the following parameters after changing the kernel version to 4.18.5 :

"nomodeset" "$vt_handoff" "acpi_backlight=off" "acpi_backlight=vendor"

So only remaining parameters was "i915.alpha_support=1"

By doing this , it also removed lag after login screen.

I think "nomodeset" was responsible for that.

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