After installing the latest Ubuntu security update, I began to have problems with printing pdf files, LibreOffice files, and gedit plain text. A blank page is printed instead. The situation is as follows:
1) This pdf will print: http://www.galvestonvotes.org/images/ContestsAndMeasures2018.pdf
2) This pdf will NOT print: http://legacy.mctx.org/election/Samples/GEN110618/paper.pdf
3) ANY pdf that I generated on my machine will NOT print
4) No LibreOffice documents will print
5) When I convert the unprintable pdfs to jpgs with ghostscript, the jpgs will print through image viewer
6) When I try to print plain text through gedit, it will NOT print
7) When I send text files to print through lpr, it will print
8) It will print from firefox
9) I've reinstalled the printer driver; the printer driver appears to be working as a test page was printed both before and after reinstallation
10) I'm using Ubuntu 16.04
11) On my other machine running Ubuntu 17.something, the CUPS failed, and I had to install printer-driver-gutenprint
12) possibly unrelated, but had imagemagick convert fail on both machines as well

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