I installed the latest version of Eclipse onto Ubuntu 18.04 with the official installer from the Eclipse website, however I can't get it to appear on my favorites bar/dock.

I have tried dragging the executable file to the dock, but it doesn't work.

I can't find it with the "show applications" button. I can only run it by clicking on its executable file.

How can I get Eclipse to appear on the favorites bar/dock?

The .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=eclipse --profile-directory=/home/myName/eclipse/java-2018-09/eclipse

This isn't a duplicate of this question because the same process doesn't work. Changing the text file to an executable doesn't work.


I merged this answer, OP's answer and my own experience for this complete and very simple guide for anyone who came to this question without any prior knowledge about .desktop files etc (like me):

  1. Create a file called .desktop in ~/.local/share/applications (e.g. with the command nano ~/.local/share/applications/.desktop)

  2. Add these lines:

    [Desktop Entry]

    Note that 'Exec' should point to your eclipse executable, not the containing folder which is also named 'eclipse' usually. Check if the icon file is present and if necessary adapt its path. Save the file.

  3. Make the .desktop file executable by running chmod a+x ~/.local/share/applications/.desktop.

  4. Click on 'Show Applications' (the dot logo on the bottom left of the screen) and in the search bar enter 'Eclipse'. It should appear.

  5. Right click on the Icon and choose 'Add to favorites'.

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    Thanks- this helped me as well but a couple of things. You don't need (and you shouldn't use) sudo to create the .desktop and make it executable. To make .desktop executable by everyone I think the right command is chmod a+x ~/.local/share/applications/.desktop. – dariober Feb 23 at 11:11

First the problem with the .desktop launcher was fixed by changing the Exec line to


Then "added to favorites" following this.

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