I mainly use Google Chrome these days under Ubuntu (18.04) with the MATE desktop manager, but there is one thing I could not figure out yet:

If there is a link on a web site that points to e.g. a "bib" file, i.e. a BibTeX file with extension ".bib" Chrome wants to download it. All bib-files are really text files so I would want chrome to just show the text of the file in a browser window like it would for a text file (with extension .txt). The second best option would be if I could make Chrome to open the file in e.g. gedit based on its extension.

With Firefox it is possible to configure this directly in the browser, but Chrome delegates this, I think, to the OS, so how make sure it works in Ubuntu (at least the second-best option)?

Does this require different solutions depending on the desktop used (Unity, XFCE, MATE)?

UPDATE: most problematic links are those where the link is not a static link to a file with .bib extension, but some link to a script or a javascript link. Ultimately the save as dialog that pops up shows a filename with a .bib extension, but it may be that what is sent back has an odd mime type. So I guess what I would need is that the .bib extension of what gets sent back overrides any mime type and gets handled as plain text.

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