I have a tablet here with Windows on it, 32-bit processor, UEFI only, no options to support bios/legacy boot modes.

I have been looking since yesterday about options when it comes to go all Frankenstein and patch together a 32-bit efi by yourself.

Sadly enough I tried to do just that, but the UEFI would not notice the USB-stick as bootable, even though i moved all the parts from the EFI & boot folders.

Sorry if I am not making much sense right now, I will give more proper information about what I've done once I'm online on my work computer, unless you understand what I mean and can post something that I can do from a windows computer?

I want to not lubuntu 32-bit with uefi

Thank you for taking you time! 😊


I already answer in this other question Cannot install ubuntu Kylin 32bit on mini winpad laptop.
I did it in another tablet with Lubuntu amd64.
After i made a custom kernel i was able to use the touch almost perfectly (see above).
The wi-fi is working (by default) but no microphone, camera, speakers, bluetooth, and the touch hold function (for right click) is not the best.
Set onboard to appears in the login How to get the onscreen keybord appear on login (see all the answers).
And set gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.a11y.mouse secondary-click-enabled "true" (hold left mouse for right click) and activate hover click in onboard.

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