I am trying to execute the following command in a shell script where adir="mydir" and extType=*.txt

cp "$adir/$extType" "$destination"

However I get:

cp: cannot stat ‘mydir/*.txt’: No such file or directory

but there is such directory and if I execute it by hand in command line it works.

Any ideas what's wrong?


You should change "$adir/$extType" to "$adir/"$extType otherwise glob expansion won't take place and it looks for a file exactly with the name of *.txt which can not be found and thus it complains about it with:

cp: cannot stat ‘mydir/*.txt’: No such file or directory
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Ravexina already pointed out well that globbing doesn't work in double or single quotes, and btw that cp syntax is wrong for multiple files / single destination and needs -t flag.

What you could do as alternative is to use bash arrays:

extType=( "$adir"/*.txt )
cp -t "$destination"   "${extType[@]}" 

Alternatively, loop

for i in "$adir"/*.txt ; do cp "$i"  "$destination"; done
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  • Thank you I didn't know that – Jocky Doe Oct 7 '18 at 11:14
  • 4
    The cp syntax isn't that wrong: cp a b c d copies a, b, and c to an existing directory d. – PerlDuck Oct 7 '18 at 11:20

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