When I used Ubuntu 17.10 at first I had problems updating with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade I had major broken dependencies errors, so I rewrote the sources.list. I also blocked software sources and libraries that caused those problems, and it kind of worked. I quickly realized that this was a wake-up call. I went through the terminal to install Ubuntu 18.04.

After that the GUI install failed. Now I do not remember the whole process, but in general I changed the sources.list according to Stack Overflow answer/guide for these kind of errors like The following packages will be upgraded or E: types of errors.

After I finished installing Ubuntu 18 I get only a terminal prompt, so I started to install the desktop environment. After a full night of handling errors on every command I've input almost Somehow the sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop or the tasksel tool, I don't know.

Anyway after one reboot it finally worked somehow, but after I installed the GUI at the login screen to the desktop environment where there is a field asking for a password my password does not work although it worked before I installed the desktop environment. So I use grub bootloader to reset the administrative password by following this question's answers: How do I reset a lost administrative password?, but for some reason it doesn't reset the password or it doesn't save it or maybe it's a hashing problem. I even tried the answer by keepitsimpleengineer, and it's only output login while nothing is happening.

I have a lot of stuff on that machine, and I went a bit dumb because I installed the 17.10 release. In any case I will be happy for an answer. I have access to the terminal only through recovery mode, and I'm locked out my desktop.

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    What exactly happens when you input your password? – user535733 Oct 7 '18 at 0:43
  • Its getting worng password error – Gorge Oct 7 '18 at 11:25

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