My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS seems stuck and has lost its graphical interface after the removal of python3. I thought only python2 was crucial for the System. However: how to fix this mess? System does not answer to any command, I can only create a new document in a completely empty desktop. Trying to save it I see that my folders still exist. Combination ctrl+alt+t does not open terminal.
I tried with sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop in the shell available during the recovery mode. It asks me to install 120MB of packages, but fails in fetching several of them. So it does nothing. Any help?

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    Note for future readers: Critical elements of your Ubuntu 16.04 system rely upon the version of Python3 shipped with Ubuntu. Do not remove it. Do not try to change the Py3 version. – user535733 Oct 5 '18 at 20:42

Maybe partially, with this procedure: once the OS is loaded, I typed Ctrl+Alt+F1, this opening a prompt that asked me for my notebook credential. Then it gave me access to a shell.
The command sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop did what it could not do during the recovery mode, due to the absence of connectivity. Hope this helps.

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