I've ran into this weird problem.

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04. I installed some shell themes to try them out after installing 'User Themes' extension. One of them being some MacOS one and for that I installed 'Dash to Dock' extension too. Later I removed the theme and switched to 'Dash to Panel' and removed 'Dash to Dock' and 'User Themes'. Still a prompt keeps coming out of nowhere asking if I want to install them. Also I checked there are some settings in Dconf Editor related to Dash to Dock even after removing it. I'm not able to understand what did I do wrong.

Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot of Dash to Dock prompt
Screenshot of User Themes prompt

They're both normal install prompts but I've noticed that the prompt appears whenever I launch the Firefox.

How do I disable those prompts? It's really annoying.


It seems your GNOME shell extensions list got synced and thus the browser is always trying to install the "missing" extensions once you launch it. After opening Firefox, do the following:

  1. Open the 'Add-ons' tab (press Ctrl+Shift+A).
  2. Look for the 'GNOME Shell Integration' extension in the Extensions section and open its preferences.
  3. Select No for the 'Synchronize GNOME Shell extensions list' option.

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