We are a group of students completing a development project unit at the University of Sydney. We have had difficulty with Linux routing, and would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Our overall task is to combine mobile internet connections to increase the bandwidth.

What we want

We have several routers with their own subnets, all feeding into a switch. Want to use each router like its own gateway on a single machine (what will be referred to as the Laptop).

Specifically, these routers are Raspberry Pis, each using a USB dongle or mobile phone to access the internet.

See here for an architecture diagram: enter image description here

We would like to use MPTCP to make use of each link to extend the network bandwidth. The Raspberry Pis only act as a router. We have used iptables on the RPis to forward packets from the ethernet to the 4G internet. For example, we have 4 routers with subnet,,, In the laptop, there is only one physical NIC eth0. We would like to set up MPTCP on the Laptop, using virtual NICs or routing rules for each Raspberry Pi.

What we have tried?

We used ip addr add to add multiple IP addresses to the physical eth0. Then we tried to add routing rules based on http://multipath-tcp.org/pmwiki.php/Users/ConfigureRouting. But in the end, all the traffic still goes through the default router.

We have already successfully used MPTCP with different (non-virtual) NICs connected to the Laptop.

What do we want to know?

Is this feasible?

We haven’t had success using these methods, but that may be related to our lack of experience in this field.

If yes, could you point us in the right direction?

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