When I use ifupdown, I wrote a script in if-up.d and use $IFACE to detect the name of the device affected.

Now I turn to netplan in Ubuntu Server 18.04. 2 questions need to be solved:

1 Where to put the command to run the script? https://netplan.io/faq says there should be placed in /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/50-ifup-hooks. Only this file name is allowed? Actually, no such a directory in my instance at all.

2 How to detect the affected device name?


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As described in /usr/share/doc/networkd-dispatcher/README.md.gz, the device name is passed in the IFACE environment variable, the same as is used for if-up.d.

This document also describes the naming requirements of network-dispatcher hook scripts.

Please note that as of Ubuntu 18.04, networkd-dispatcher only supports reading its hooks from /usr/lib/networkd-dispatcher, not from /etc/networkd-dispatcher. (This is a bug in the netplan.io website; but the correct fix is for the package to gain support for /etc/networkd-dispatcher.)

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