Informations below may allow to track why the installation wizard returns: “Cannot write into data/config.php file. Please delete this file“.


SERVER : Linux distro Ubuntu 18.04 remote VPS / apache2 / PHP 7.2 ; MYSQL : ver 15.1 Distrib 10.1.34-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2 ; CPANEL : ISPCconfig v3.1.13


Epesi app : Version : Released /v1.8.2.6/Release 1.8.2-20171019.zip ; ISPconfig panel : web root dir and db created for Epesi app ; PHP 7.2 (php-fpm) activated for Epesi app ; db and web root directory access allowed to non-root ssh user ; Epesi app : new installation using compressed file ; directory contents FTP uploaded to web root dir ; data dir read/write switch to 777 on FTP connection (by non-root ssh user)


French language selected - OK > next page (all boxes checked)... OK > next page: db configuration OK > next page: cannot write into "data/congig.php“ ; CORRECTION : read/write access of “config.php“ file switched to 777

Installation wizard relaunched : ... db configuration OK > next page result: cannot write into "data/congig.php“. Please delete this file

Epesi app troubleshooting info page : http://www.epesi.org/Troubleshooting

Any idea of why the Epesi installation wizard can't write the config.php file?


As info error "Cannot Write into data/congig.php", You can check permission Of User setup and allow permission for folder data with command:

chmod -R 777 data

If you want change permission of User with command:

chown -R user:user data 

So maybe it will help you.

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