I started an upgrade to (I believe) 18.04 and it got interrupted by a power-cut. I tried the solutions mentioned here --> Lost power during upgrade, how do I recover? I have booted on ubuntu 16.04 Live cd.

My internal HD is encrypted and had a lock on it. I clicked it and it asked for my password. I have access to the HD which is mounted on /media/ubuntu with the name a293fd60-8bea-49cb-8f12-9cd4fe4d240b

When I try to chroot into it using

sudo chroot /media/ubuntu

It tells me the following chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: No such file or directory ... When I open my internal HD I can go into /bin and the bash file is located there.

How do I proceed ?


You said your drive is mounted to /media/ubuntu/a293fd60-8bea-49cb-8f12-9cd4fe4d240b but you're trying to chroot /media/ubuntu/ and not to the drive.

So either

  1. Try chroot /media/ubuntu/a293fd60-8bea-49cb-8f12-9cd4fe4d240b and edit all the other answer's mount commands to match
  2. Or easier, just mount the drive to /media/ubuntu and follow the other answer's commands as-is.

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