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I'm attempting to replace an existing Mint installation with Ubuntu on a UEFI system. The complication is that I'm dual-booting with Windows, and I'm very wary of messing that up in the process.

In the installer, I'm choosing to do "something else" as the installation type. I am then presented with the following (I've stitched multiple screens together to make this a bit easier to understand):

partition table

I'm unsure on exactly what I need to do here to ensure my Ubuntu replaces my Mint. I'm particularly concerned about the following:

  1. Will Grub show me only Ubuntu and remove the current Mint entry?
  2. The "Device for boot loader installation" has me concerned. Should I leave this as /dev/sda?
  3. Do I need to manually delete the partitions currently used for Mint?

Can anyone tell me the exact procedure I should follow here?

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No, You should still use dev/sda as a hdd selector You should have a partition for the current computer, only that unless you back track

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