Please don't flag this question as a duplicate because I really need your help. I once used OpenDNS in my router to block some websites & now I'm stuck with at whatever I do. I have already removed OpenDNS from my router & tried half of the commands suggested in other question but none of them work for me. Most of the websites which deal with a proxy, adult content etc. are all blocked & I'm requesting for a solution.


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This should clear it

# sudo systemd-resolve --flush-cache

You can check with

# sudo systemd-resolve --statistics
  • it should show 0 in Current cache size

    DNSSEC supported by current servers: no
    Current Transactions: 0
    Total Transactions: 93750
      Current Cache Size: 0
      Cache Hits: 18686
    Cache Misses: 28576
    DNSSEC Verdicts
          Secure: 0
        Insecure: 0
           Bogus: 0
    Indeterminate: 0
  • 1
    My current cache is still not 0 Nov 21, 2018 at 15:43
  • You need to get into the ROUTER settings and flush the cache there as that's where your DNS lookups entries are cached, not on your local computer. If you need help with that, you might want to visit a forum that focuses on your router model.
    – Compatico
    Jan 23, 2019 at 0:16
  • @Michael what version of Linux are you using ?
    – Morgan Cox
    Feb 5, 2019 at 14:03

Maybe this version also has two (2) DNS caches, like Ubuntu 20.10.

Please check the full tutorial to flush DNS caches:


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