Good day all.

I installed Unity Tweak tools some time ago. Recently I was playing around with it and changed a lot of things.

Since then my applications behave a little different especially fonts and sizes.

I did restore but it has been stuck that way.Android studio

This is how my Android Studio looks like now. I can't do anything. Tried changing the font size in it but even my Sublime Text is affected.

Sublime Text sidebar.

Please how do i get back to normal? Was thinking of formatting.


Try these commands to reset those settings to default:

cd ~/.config/dconf
mv user user.bak

And then relogin.


After so much frustration and digging around.

I finally solved it!

First i tried resetting Ubuntu: Log in as root

exec sudo -i

Try configuring unconfigured packages:

dpkg --configure -a

Update the contents of the repositories

apt-get update

Try to fix missing dependencies:

apt-get -f install

Update your system:

 apt-get dist-upgrade

Reinstall Ubuntu desktop:

apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop

Remove unnecessary packages:

apt-get autoremove

Delete downloaded packages already installed:

apt-get clean

Reboot the system:


All these helped in reducing the weight on the system but nothing else.

Then i decided to do this:

dconf reset -f /

it reset GNOME 3 settings. My Computer now looks like i just installed Ubuntu but with my files still in it.

So happy.

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