I really like the way I can change word-wrap in the windows terminal from scaling with window to fixed-width. This way I don't need a large window to have "properly" formatted text (almost all the time, exception is when a text line is longer than my configured width).

Command Prompt Properties

It's not in the terminal settings and I've tried all sorts of commands I could find in the gnome-terminal, like tput, shopt -u checkwinsize, export COLUMNS=500, stty cols 500, etc.... But nothing works.

Could anyone tell me if this is possible in the default gnome-terminal or if any of the other linux-terminals has this feature?

Windows (desired behaviour, notice the horizontal scrollbar):

Ubuntu gnome-terminal:

(with setterm -linewrap off)

I'm just using Spring Boot as an example here

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    Could you give an example of why you need this? Ideally, post a screenshot of the gnome-terminal behaving in the way you don't want. I don't really understand what you need here. – terdon Sep 28 '18 at 11:49
  • I prefer things that were originally one line of text to be on a single line in the terminal. And scrolling or resizing the window when I want to see what's outside the window bounds. – Gelunox Sep 28 '18 at 13:21

You need to use an auxiliary viewer application, such as less for this functionality.

See why GNOME Terminal rejected this idea. Basically: this is not how terminals have worked for decades, and you can't really change such basics without breaking gazillions of things.

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