I have /root/.ssh folder with authorized_keys file inside of it with client public key. Root logs in fine without password by using ssh.

In case I do login with another user system reject key and asks for password.

How to setup ssh key login for simple user?


You need to be careful with permissions:

  1. Create ~/.ssh:

    $ mkdir ~/.ssh
  2. Create ~/.ssh/authorized_keys:

    $ touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  3. Make sure you have the right permissions:

    • Home directory on the server should not be writable by others:

      $ chmod go-w ~
    • SSH folder on the server needs 700 permissions:

      chmod 700 ~/.ssh
    • Authorized_keys file needs 644 permissions:

      chmod 644 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  4. Add your key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. You can either add it manually or use

    $ ssh-copy-id user@host


[1] https://superuser.com/questions/215504/permissions-on-private-key-in-ssh-folder

[2] How do I add SSH Keys to authorized_keys file?

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