How do I set fBreader (already installed with sudo apt-get install fbreader) to be the default epub and mobi file reader in Xubuntu 18.04? When I double click a .mobi or .epub file, fbReader does not open, and instead I am asked what kind of a file it is.

How do I set FBReader as the default mobi ebook reader? is specific to non-Xubuntu flavors and does not work with Xubuntu. Unable to find another relevant suggestion relevant to Xubuntu.

  • What error message do you receive when you try the linked solution? Why do you believe it does not work with XUbuntu? – Elder Geek Jan 31 '19 at 20:15
  • Always edit additional info into your question as comments can be deleted for numerous reasons. – Elder Geek Feb 2 '19 at 13:03

In Xubuntu 18.04, you should have a "MIME type editor" application.

Open it, filter by mobi. One line should remain. You can edit the default application on the right: change for mobi

Then repeat same operation for epub: enter image description here

Then close the MIME type editor. From now, opening an epub or mobi file will be done using FBReader.

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