I've got Ubuntu 11.10 on Asus machine with Nvidia G-Force 210M,...everything works fine, but bootscreen Plymouth splash does not show...

First time I've had big resolution logo so I Googled some info about that problem and tried some things> plymouth fix, editing /etc/default/grub changing setup at startup manager...but it did not work...now i only have a purple screen for a while, then a black screen and then the system starts...

Can you help me figure out how to get the Plymouth splash working? thanx..

  • This is very vague. You need to explain what you actually did. Posting your /etc/default/grub would be immensely helpful. Apr 25, 2012 at 20:35

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Try Super Burg Manager:

‘Super Boot Manager’ eases BURG, GRUB, Plymouth tweaking pains

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