Misbehavior of the new gnome terminal (18.04)

I used to use wmcrtl to search for the proper window on my crowded desktop and to raise it, set the focus or to do other wm operations...

However it doesn't behave as usual with the bionic beaver a.k.a Ubuntu 18.04 the title got indeed updated when one does a cd (thanks to the PS1 variable) however when you run a command in it is doesn't take the application info to display the title the time of a run !
Askubuntu partially answered the question, however I believe the terminal used to display the "process string" from the execlp() system call when the shell forked the command.

This makes my trick to discover windows a little more difficult. xterm and rxvt does continue to display an expected behavior.

Is this a bug introduced in 18.04 or it is intentional ?
Question: how to have the 2nd argument of the execlp() issued to execute the current running process, displayed in the title-bar ?
any setting to re-enable the feature or any work-around available ?


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