I'm using gedit 2.30.3 . Even when the window is maximized, if I put the cursor all the way to the right to the scrollbar area and click to move up or down a screenfull of text, it won't do it! It's like gedit allocates a pixel at the extreme right just to annoy me! I have to carefully position the cursor in the scroll area. What is going on and how can I change this behavior?


There is a documented bug about this.

Three methods of dealing with it that I know of:

  • Live without scrolling by page the way you would like to or are used to.

  • Workaround by using a different method of scrolling full pages (e.g. PgUp/PgDn keys, assigning some modifier key to make scrollwheel scrolling go by page, etc.)

  • Following some of the links and linked bugs in that page I found someone suggested using the xrandr program to fool the computer into stopping his mouse just short of the edge. This was mentioned in comment 10 of bug 206837.

  • Thanks a lot for your response! I'm glad to see that it's being looked at, although the pace is kind of slow... I think it certainly fits the definition of a "papercut". – Roy Mar 14 '12 at 20:48
  • BTW, this does not seem to be a problem using Gedit in Unity Ubuntu 14.04. Can't say what's going on in Xubuntu, though. – user29020 Oct 17 '14 at 18:06

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