I'd like to execute a mysql script where the user is asked to enter the password dynamically from the command line, if possible with a message Enter your $root password. However it doesn't work as expected. So far I have


moreover when the db is created how to logout from mysql and go back to bash commands?

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According to the docs

mysql -u root -p --execute="SELECT User, Host FROM mysql.user"

prompts for a password, executes the given command, and returns to the shell (no logout required).

If you instead want your own prompt you need to script it:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "Enter pwd"
read pwd
mysql -u root -p$pwd --execute="SELECT User, Host FROM mysql.user"

Please note that there must be no space between -p and $pwd because mysql then considers $pwd to be the database's name.

I would not recommend that because the password is then shown in cleartext in the terminal whereas mysql -p shows asterisks instead.

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