I am trying to connect airpods and my other pair of headphones to xps13 Ubuntu 18.04. My laptop can find Bluetooth devices; however, I always get that not set up status. I tried setting it up by clicking on the not set up, but it won't. How do I fix this?



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Installing package "blueman" will help you.

First launch the terminal by pressing ctrl + alt + T

Then run the command in terminal:

sudo service bluetooth start

Install blueman by typing to terminal:

sudo apt-get install blueman bluez-utils bluez bluetooth

Now again type to terminal:

sudo service bluetooth restart

If not installed, install blueman:

sudo apt-get install blueman

Now launch Blueman and then connect your devices from the blueman window by searching followed by pairing.

  • Saved the Christmas! You will need to have lots of patience, even delete the pairing and pair again. But it'll work. Dec 24, 2021 at 21:03

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