I know there are many questions regarding mysql not starting. I've tried following things

Checking MySQL error log — error reading '/var/log/mysql': Is a directory

Check /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log file for broken packages again no such file or directory

Remove MySQL-server and reinstall it But it's not getting uninstalled at all

this problem occurred when I uninstalled "plasma-desktop". I used following commands to remove "plasma-desktop" and related packages.

sudo apt-get purge '^kde' '^kubuntu' '^plasma'

sudo apt-get remove plasma-desktop

sudo apt-get autoremove

There was no error produced by the above three commands.


You can try these commands:

sudo apt-get purge mysql\*
sudo rm -r /var/lib/mysql
sudo rm -r /etc/mysql
sudo updatedb
sudo apt-get remove --purge mysql-server mysql-common

Then reinstall MySQL

sudo apt-get -f install -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-overwrite" mysql-server

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