Is there a Linux-SW which are able to go with a "Canoscan 4200F"?

My Computer is a HP-Laptop compaq nc6120 with 74GB hard disc (14GB used) 1,86GHz 32Bit and in the moment running on Windows XP-pro.
I tried already Ubuntu 15.04 (newest 32 Bit version I found) but it sticks always, takes a lot of time to create from DVD. This is not a solution.



  • Hello Rolf, welcome to askubuntu.15.04 is not a supported version. Better use 16.04, which is a Long Term Support version. A 32bit version can be found here releases.ubuntu.com/16.04.5 . The Canonscan 4200F seems to be a terrible choice with regard to linux support. – Bruni Sep 21 '18 at 9:53

Canon does not supply Linux drivers for their devices.

Specific the "Canoscan 4200F" does not work with the SANE backend. Their site has some good info on thise device and lists Chipsets used and the USB connection info. It is possible to contact the maintainers of the sane package. Maybe you can supply them with the needed information to get this printer added to their backend.

All in all I would advice to purchase a printer and scanner that does support Linux.

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