How would I update my intel graphics drivers I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 currently upgrading to 16.04 at the moment. Even if they are up to date on Linux I think it'd be kinda handy if I need to update the drivers. Thank you for helping this semi Linux newbie(I'm starting to get comfortable with Linux but still have some basic things I don't know)


01.org is Intel's open source community where open source work that Intel engineers are involved in is pulled together. The Intel Graphics for Linux driver website does not have any Intel graphics drivers for later than Ubuntu 17.04, so I assume that the Intel graphics driver is built-in in 18.04 and updated with the Software Updater application. For Ubuntu 16.04 visit this link: https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/pool/main/i/.

This is optional because if Intel graphics works OK with the built-in driver in 16.04, then you don't need to manually download anything. However if you are experiencing screen tearing when using a second monitor, the Intel graphics driver from https://download.01.org/gfx/ubuntu/16.04/main/pool/main/i/ may be able to fix it.

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