I've some rules in .ssh/config file which I would like activate only in interactive mode (ie. terminal background change). Is that possible?

  • Could you be more specific about what you are trying to achieve? I suggest that you include the relevant parts of the two config files. – 200_success Sep 20 at 17:01
  • What's your definition of interactive? Do you mean whether a command has been passed to the ssh command or not? Or are you referring to the use of any of the flags -t, -T, -N? – kasperd Sep 20 at 17:09
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You can alias ssh if using a non-interactive shell as follows in your ~/.bashrc file:

    if [ -z "$PS1" ]; then
        alias ssh='ssh -F ~/.ssh/config-non-interactive'

... then copy the non-interactive configuration you'd like to use to ~/.ssh/config-non-interactive and you should be set.

  • When this is combined with Include I think it will be a flexible way of utilising config files. superuser.com/a/1142813 . There were many times I gave up on certain config features because it wasn’t compatible across my workstations. – sdkks Sep 20 at 14:19

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