I need to upgrade my ghostscript version from 9.22 to 9.25 on my server. I am running a laravel forge droplet on digital ocean.

I have tried the following:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ghostscript

In accordance to this post.

However as this second answer there indicates you might want a newer version than what this gives you. In my case, I get 9.22 doing it that way but I need 9.25. So how do I go about to install the newer version on the server only using the terminal?


In this post it is not only explained the easiest way to install ghostscript (as asked), but also the way how to derive newer versions of ghotscript, such as 9.26.

If you need Ghostscript 9.25:

To check your version (maybe after restarting terminal)

ghostscript -v

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