My system is getting shut down when the battery is low,

I found this on below link also:


I need to set it to suspend or hibernate option.

Is there any way to do this?

  • Hi @Vivek, if my answer resolved your issue, could you please mark it as accepted (correct) so that other users who has the same issue could also refer to the answer in future – Kasun Siyambalapitiya Jan 8 at 5:09
  • Hi @KasunSiyambalapitiya, I did the process which you have mentioned but it didn't worked. It goes below critical status and went shutdown after showing the shutdown message. Settings are getting saved. – Vivek Sharma Jan 28 at 19:40
  • can you share a screenshot of the dconf power settings after configuring – Kasun Siyambalapitiya Jan 29 at 3:55
  • 1
    It's working now, I need to reboot the system after this process.Thanks! :) – Vivek Sharma Jan 29 at 10:02

You can use the dconf-editor for the above. Open up a terminal and run following commands for installing dconf-editor.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor -y

Once installed you will be able to run it via the shortcut created like follows, enter image description here

Next navigate to power section as follows,

org -> gnome -> settings-daemon -> plugins -> power

and change the value of critical-battery-action to your preference (sleep, hibernate and etc).

  • Please reboot the system after this process. – Vivek Sharma Jan 29 at 9:03
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    It doesn't work anymore. gnome-settings-daemon only shows a warning but doesn't run any power action. To change settings you need to use UPower config — /etc/UPower/UPower.conf. – Snaker Oct 2 at 17:28

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