I don't know why but, since I upgraded from 14.04 version to the newer 18.04, I have been experienced some weird behavior with dropdowns in both of my installed web browsers.

I'm using ubuntu 18.04, the gnome version, inside a virtual machine on vmware.

the virtual specs are:

  • 20 GB ram
  • Intel core i7-6700HQ octa-core, with all cores assigned to my virtual
  • 8.0 GB of swap partition
  • 35GB of HDD with 10GB free
  • network over nat

the host specs are

  • Windows 10 Pro 1803 with the lastest updates
  • 32GB of RAM
  • Intel core i7-6700HQ octa-core
  • SO storage Unit: Samsung 960 NVMe ssd
  • secondary (this is the one who has the vm hdd file) ST1000LM035
  • Ethernet and Wifi are both ensambled by killer

since the hardware specs from the host are pretty decent, and this didn't happen when I was using 14.04, I think is worth to know if there is some kind of bug or is just a bad configuration on my SO due the upgrade.

this and a bit slow gnome transitions are the only things in what have I noticed a poor performance, most of the new SO is working like a charm, so, I don't think is an HDD issue either.

Note1: I had already disabled the hardware acceleration in both, chromium and firefox.

Note2: I updated the system via do-release-upgrade two weeks ago.

Note3: with eclipse, visual studio code, both browsers, tmux, 3 terminal windows, compiling in spring and angular, running sqldeveloper, postresql, msyql, pgadmin4, and a docker container with oracle10g, all runing at the same time, the SO had swaped like 200M, and this is the worst escenario I can have in my virtual machine, most of the time, the swap file is never used, so I don't think this problem is related to ram issues either.

thanks in advance.

  • never mind, system update has resolved the problem – BarzX ___ Sep 18 '18 at 18:59

Never mind. System updates had resolved the issues I think this indeed was a problem, but is already resolved

so the solution if someone has this problem is update your system.

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