I have an Ubuntu VPS and I want to change its IP address and gateway.

But none of the network commands work on this system.

  • ifconfig works and shows just lo.
  • ifup command not found.

shows ifupdown is replaced by netplan(5)

Then netplan command not found. Also, Network-Manager command not found too.

So how should I restart the network on this machine?
Currently I login using the console.

  • Is this Ubuntu or RHEL or CentOS? – George Udosen Sep 16 at 14:02
  • it is Ubuntu. I could add an IP using this command: sudo ifconfig ens32 up I am trying to add a route.so that I get internet and reinstall packages. – Farzin Sb Sep 16 at 14:08
  • I added gateway and I have internet now: route add default gw . now I should findout the active network module to make this ip permanent after reboots. – Farzin Sb Sep 16 at 14:14
  • Install netplan with sudo apt install netplan – abu_bua Sep 16 at 15:34

If ifconfig did not show your interface then it seems you did not have any valid network configuration for it in netplan. You probably have an existing yaml file under /etc/netplan which you can edit to add your interface and its addresses. This may be as simple as replacing dhcp: true in the config with appropriate addresses: and routes: stanzas.

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