most of the time I do an Alt+Tab (switch windows), go from browser (chrome) to Visual Code and vice versa, mouse scrolling misbehaves, it jumps to somewhere in the page, either way down the current scroll position, or way up, any thoughts on what's going on?


Installing and running imwheel fixes the problem for me.

$ sudo apt-get install imwheel
$ imwheel
INFO: imwheel started (pid=80085)

You have to start it at every boot (or add it at the applications to start).
pgrep -lf imwheel to see if it's running ; you can stop it with pkill imwheel.

/!\ It disables the zoom by Ctrl + wheel in applications (Firefox, Chromium, LibreOffice, PDF reader...)
(Maybe a setting in imwheelrc could fix that)

  • To add to startup, go to 'startup applications' from the menu, then add an item. Just use the command 'imwheel'. – wordsforthewise Oct 7 at 1:15

If you are asking for a solution, It's still an unsolved bug. But if you wonder why such a thing may happen, I think the reason is that scroll position is being unique for all windows, or it's being changed for all of them when you scroll. for example, if you scroll up in a window a little, then go to the other one and start scrolling, the bar jumps a little upper and starts moving from there, showing that scroll changes from the other tab are being applied to the new one too.

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