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I downloaded a Windows ISO file, and I want to install it on a USB flash drive through Ubuntu. However I can't seem to get unetbootin to pop up. I've tried everything. I also tried using another program and got it to write it to the USB, however it took 12 hours for a 3gb file? When I finally rebooted, and selected load from flash drive, it would just start loading up Ubuntu again.

I just want a copy of Windows on my new computer, but I need to either get unetbootin to work, or else get an alternative to work.

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  • It is possible to install Win XP on a flash drive but I have not heard of a way to run Win 7 or 10 from a flash drive. If you just want to make a Win 10 installer drive see windowscentral.com/… – C.S.Cameron Sep 15 '18 at 14:39

With the information given, I guess the reason your system did not detect your Bootable Windows USB at the start might be because of the software you have used to make a bootable USB. The software was unable to create the required boot files while writing the Windows to your USB

And I found it really weird that a software took 12 hours, to make a Bootable Windows USB.

My suggestion would be to use a different alternatives of the software. You can find few alternatives here.

And also, do remember to change the boot order of your system from your BIOS. You can find more information about it here

Hope this helps :)

PS:- Please share more information about the software you have used in the question. It will be help people give a better answer to your question.

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