I created a custom iso of my current linux ( ubuntu server) using "Respin", and put it in a usb drive using "UnetBootIn".

When I boot the live usb ( on the same computer), i have the following options: -Use ubuntu without installing -Install ubuntu -Run memtest -Use first hard disk

When I use the first option, I can access to my custom iso without any problem, using live usb. But when I try to install my custom ubuntu on my hard disk (that currently contains an ubuntu server), I have the following error (when i delete "splash quit" option ), and then the live USB start without installing anything.

[FAILED] Failed to start FUSE filesystem for LXC
See 'Systemctl status lxcfs.services' for details

[FAILED] Failed to start ubuntu live CD Installer
See 'Systemctl status ubiquity.services' for details

Can someone help me to install it ? It's been 3 days that i tried anything (start install with " cdrom-detest/try-usb= true" and "nomodetest"), used other backup program/ iso to live usb software etc..

Thank you in advance !

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