I'm running a Dell XPS 13 under Ubuntu 18.04. Dell Bios Version is 1.4.0.

Without running anything core intensive --- i.e., I'm just doing word processing and looking at the web (not running videos etc)---the laptop is hot enough that the fan is constantly running loudly. The heat isn't bad enough to cause a shutdown or any kind of malfunction, it's just that the fan noise is very disturbing.

Is there software that I can run to either reduce power usage, or by some other method cool down the machine?

Other threads about overheating don't seem to be applicable, since they are much older

  • With a Dell Dell XPS 13 9350, I never had such issue. Fan, if it is working, is actually quite silent. Bios for my type is currently at 1.7.0. If you are not running the latest bios, you may want to update. Although I do not suspect this will solve the issue, one never knows for sure. – vanadium Sep 14 at 14:42

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