I have two VMs in a private cloud. Lets call them A( and B ( (not actual ips). I used one of them(A) as a template and cloned the second one(B) only changing the ips (static ips).

From my local machine on the network, I am able to ping both 90 & 91. Even running ip a on both machines give the correct Ip addresses.

I even checked /etc/hosts and the info is correct.

However, when i run hostname -i or hostname -f on the machine with Ip as 91, I get the result as

I suspect this has something to do with the cloning process.

My question is however, How do i fix the issue on machine 2(


What is the content of /etc/hostname? Have you tried using hostnamectl --set-hostname B to change the hostname/IP?

  • i manually changed the contents of /etc/hostname. I did not believe that was the right way to do stuff which is why i asked the question. But the command you suggested worked, but i believe the option does not have the leading double hyphen. Its hostnamectl set-hostname B. – rapidclock Sep 13 '18 at 19:59

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