I installed SAOImage DS9 months ago, it is a software for image analysis.

Now I want to uninstall it but it can't be found, I run

sudo apt-get remove DS9
sudo apt-get remove SAOImageDS9

or I try to open it via the terminal by just "DS9" or so and it can't be found, still when i search it in the menu I can find it and even open it.

Any idea??


It depends on how you installed it.

  1. If you installed it using apt, you can uninstall it using $ sudo apt remove <PACKAGE> command. Also if you dont know the package name, its possible to find it using $ dpkg --list | grep ds9 (replace ds9 with some other possible keywords)
  2. If you installed it from published source, you can read the README of project. usually there's a something about Uninstall.

PS: According to official tar.gz of project (downloaded from here), it seems no installation instruction required, and if so, no uninstallation required too! just delete downloaded file.

  • Thanks, I found it in the packages list and uninstalled it. Sep 12 '18 at 20:41

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