I'm facing a bit of issue with Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7430 modem. It's added in a device which has an internal SIM slot and USB ports as well. The device has Ubuntu 14.04 OS server and we SSH to it. Now for the USB port, I can connect modem (using libqmi-utils), device file cdc-wdm0 will be created, interface wwan0 will be added, and IP address can be assigned to it.

enter image description here
The AirPrime EM7430 PCI Express M.2 module is a lightweight, wireless LTE-Advanced and UMTS based modem.

However with the internal SIM slot, we insert the SIM and no device file looks to come up. Nothing comes in dmesg. We have tried loading GobiSerial, GobiNet for it and ran wvdial. However, just the interface ppp0 will be created and no IP address assigned to it. On further review, it looks like ppp does not work with GobiSerial in a proper way.

Could someone please guide me towards what needs to be done? Any additional information needed, please let me know.

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