I took an update from to My machine would not boot from the new kernel. I tried removing the latest kernel using: sudo apt-get purge linux-image- and sudo apt-get purge linux-headers- It successfully remove the kernel files and "update-grub2" show two remaining kernels ( and

When I reboot the machine continues to try and boot 4.15.34. How do I really kill it? In my messing around I can only successfully boot now. How do I get things back to normal?

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For several days this virtual machine would only allow me to reboot, by manually selecting the older kernel from the grub menu.

Not sure that this is a complete answer, but it may help someone else. I saw this post about reinstalling grub2 Ubuntu doesn't boot after kernel update

I decided to try reinstalling grub2 to see if it would finally update my grub menu. I executed "sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda". Low and behold my system now boots after manually removing the other kernels. I still have a minor issue with the grub boot menu not being visible during boot any more - progress.


I had a send VM show the same problem. Latest Kernel didn't install properly.

This time I was able to update-initramfs -u -k and sudo update-grub2

The latest kernel now boots. I still am missing the grub menu.

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