Before the problem started, I had run sudo lightdm, which caused the system to hang. I hard rebooted, and then the problem began.

The system is Xubuntu 16.04.5.

Currently, I can log in via tty. I can get to the login screen. However, as soon as I log in via the [graphical] login screen, I get logged out. I am able to log in as another user, or as a guest user as well.

As stated here, I tried deleting the .Xauthority as well as .dmrc file to no avail.

I also tried reinstalling lightdm and xubuntu-desktop, to no avail.

tail -35 /var/log/auth.log output: (The relevant issue starts at 22:44)/var/log/auth.log

cat ~/.xsession-errors: .xsession-errors

tail -30 /var/log/lightdm/lighdm.log: lightdm.log

Let me know if any more information is needed.

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