I installed VLC Media Player from snap and I'd like to access videos in custom path. I have a directory in root (/mydirectory) with a few mounted NFS shares (/mydirectory/nfs0, /mydirectory/nfs0, and so on...).

Based on my understanding I need to a create custom interface similar to interface "home" and plug VLC into this custom interface.

Could you please let me know how to do it?

I cannot find anything like this anywhere in snap documentation...

edit this is not a duplicate question of: How to get access to USB-storage from the application installed as Snap?

In the question above the fix is simple - you can connect the snap (your desired application) into existing interface "removable-media".

I'm asking about creating custom interface for custom path.

Can you help me with that please?


OK, it seems that this is not possible with snaps. You probably can do it as a developer for your own snap but not as a user.

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