I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 on a Intel NUC.

My problem :

  1. I set audio output on headset. Works fine.

  2. My NUC goes to sleep.

  3. When I wake it up, I still can listen audio through headset but the volume control (from keyboard and from top gnome panel) is acting on another output (analog output - Audio Adapter Planet-UP 100, Genius G-talk) which is inactive. In System settings>sound, the focus is on this inactive analog output.

Here, what I see when I'm listening music through headset after sleep:

Here, what I see when I'm listening music through headset.

I have to re-set output on headset in order to get back the volume control keys or the panel volume control to work correctly again (= changing the headset volume).

How can I fix this weird behaviour?


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