I'm trying to set up a HP Compaq 6720s laptop with Linux for my mum. This is her 2nd notebook, the 1st one was an old Celeron running Mint 17.1. So thats why I started again with LM 18.3.

I had it all setup running LM 18.3 on a regular HDD and it worked fine. I installed the updates and then boot time just skyrocketed, I'm talking about 10-15 min before being able to use the laptop. I used the workaround found here, as it was showing the same errors. After that everything worked great, fast boot... In the meantime I got a hand on a SSD and Tara was released so I thought of switching both. Now is the problem that I can't boot into the Live medium, not LM19, not Ubuntu 18.04. The same error messages are shown during boot: [drm:drm_atomic_helper_commit_cleanup_done [drm_kms_helper]] *ERROR* [CRTC:26:pipe A] flip_done timed out, and I get to thelogo with the 5 dots. It doesn't matter which way I create the USB install medium (rufus, Unetbootin, Etcher) or if I use Mint or Ubuntu(-flavours). I onced managed to boot using the compatibility mode but during install the installer just kept crashing.

Here the outputs of inxi & lcpi.

And the pic for errors presented in initram, I think: errors initram

Any help of getting it running would be great, and especially my mum would be thrilled to finally start using a dualcore machine and 4GB RAM.

  • See askubuntu.com/questions/893817/… – Terrance Sep 6 '18 at 16:37
  • My problem is not about slow boot of an installed OS, but the failure of booting from live-usb completely. – bitero Sep 7 '18 at 17:15
  • That link covers the error you are getting. Forget about the slow part. – Terrance Sep 7 '18 at 17:16
  • OK for the first install on the HDD I did exactly as described above, actually i put a link in my OP to exactly that topic. But how do I edit the grub menu on a live-usb? – bitero Sep 7 '18 at 17:48
  • Your link for the workaround is blank. But that is OK. See help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions on how to change kernel options for an Ubuntu LiveCD – Terrance Sep 7 '18 at 17:55

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