I am a newbie to Ubuntu after many years with Microsoft. I have configured my Dell 1320C laser printer to operate under MS Windows 7 including double sided prints. For the Ubuntu machine I can only find drivers for DPC525 printer. This does not appear to support double sided printed prints.

I can create pdf files of the document to be printed and then get the Windows machine to print double sided. Is there a (simple) way of printing the document via the Windows machine without converting to pdf first? I have heard about SAMBA and CUPS but do not really understand them.

  • Is the printer shared from the Windows machine? Sep 5 '18 at 20:48

The CUPS administrative interface is available at http://localhost:631.

Click on Administration, then on Manage Printers. Select your printer, then from the Administration list, select Set Default Options. This will get you to a screen where you can select Double-Sided Printing.

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