Because I've rotated my curved screen to portrait-style, I've changed the settings at All Settings/Display/Rotation (turn left). But every time my screen goes on standby, after I wake it up, it's turned to it's original position.

I've recently installed 18.04 on a desktop and I'm very new to this (very awesome) Linux thing, so I'm a serious n00b and can't figure it out... I've tried to find another thread with a working solution but no luck so far.

Is there a way to make the screen turn so the login screen is Portrait as well ? I've seen somebody say that it's only possible on login.

It would be so awesome if anyone could offer me a solution, I really want to fix it !



  • Hi, are you using gdm or unity as display manager?
    – PRATAP
    Sep 5, 2018 at 18:27

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Try to unload the module from RAM.

sudo modprobe -r lis3lv02d.

Or if you have an HP laptop you can remove the module hp_accel like this:-

sudo rmmod hp_accel

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