I've installed an Ubuntu 18.04. When I try to reformatting code shortcut in PyCharm - CTRL+SHIFT+L, Ubuntu raises something - Mate-settings-daemon "" is ready or before:

enter image description here

I suppose it's because this Ubuntu uses this shortcut too but I don't know how to disable it.

I tried to find it in Keyboard shortcuts, but it isn't there.

Do you know how to make it work so I can use this shortcut in PyCharm?

enter image description here

  • Do you have the mate desktop environment and gnome shell ? – JerareYoshi Sep 5 at 13:02
  • Not sure, it should be official Ubuntu 18.04... – Milano Sep 5 at 13:03
  • did you not install another desktop environment (graphical user interface) than the default one? Mate-settings-daemon is for the Mate desktop and it can't be change in gnome shell – JerareYoshi Sep 5 at 13:09
  • No I didn't. But I've edited a question and added a new screenshot. This is the window which pop ups when I press ctrl alt l – Milano Sep 5 at 13:21

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