I just upgrade from ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04.

Before then end of the upgrade, it asked me if I want to delete obsoletes packages and packages installed automatically no more used.

I answered "no", because I need to keep some packages (php7.0). Now I migrated to the newer packages (php7.2) how do I retrieve and delete obsoletes packages ?

I tried apt autoremove but it seems not to delete obsolete packages. What is the command used by do-release-upgrade to retrieve these packages ?


This answer has a couple of examples on how to retrieve obsolete packages.

It should be fairly easy then to remove them.

A simple oneliner (warning not tested!) can be:

aptitude show '~o' | grep Package: | cut -d' ' -f2 | xargs -n1 -l --verbose sudo apt-get purge -y

I use

apt list --installed | grep -v xenial

to list all packages that are not in Xenial (change release name accordingly, of course). Then I remove them manually; I am extremely wary of automating package management tasks.

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