I immediately while i was reading a plasmapy document, preformed

(plasma_store -m 1000000000 -s /tmp/plasma) command and now I don't know

what exactly it do on my system. Exactualy I read the pattern of command

but I think it just tell the system assigned 1GB space to plasmapy on linux.

what do you understand from this command?

the system reaction to assigned command was:

(Allowing the Plasma store to use up to 1GB of memory. Starting object store with directory /dev/shm and huge page support disabled)


This seems to start plasma_store limiting the used memory to 1GB. As soon as you stop the command, the memory should be freed.

The -m flag specifies the size of the store in bytes, and the -s flag specifies the socket that the store will listen at. Thus, the above command allows the Plasma store to use up to 1GB of memory, and sets the socket to /tmp/plasma.

Source: https://arrow.apache.org/docs/python/plasma.html

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