Is there a way to bulk-convert old Word Perfect word processing files to LibreOffice Writer format in Ubuntu? It's apparently possible to convert them one at a time, but when you have over a decade of of files, that would be a large task. The files are currently on an air-gapped WinXP machine maintained for the files.

Also, if converted either individually or bulk, would that leave the meta-data (origin date) in place or would it change it to today?

Edit: For the purpose here, "bulk import" would be acceptable as long as the files are readable.


unoconv (or on github)

It is packaged, you can install it via:


apt install unoconv

(...or RedHat-based, wrong forum I know)

yum install unoconv

Then run:

unoconv -f odt file1.wps file2.wps ... fileN.wps

Extra info:

Check the list of possible formats (wps is listed):

unoconv --show

unoconv can run standalone or as a listening service. I use it as a listening service for on-the-fly pdf conversion for an internal doc management tool. I'm happy to provide a systemd unit file if that's of interest to you, but probably overkill for your current needs.

Regarding the Metadata query:

I'm out of my depth here, you will definitely get new file access/modify/change times with unoconv, perhaps this thread can help you out though:


  • Your first link is broken. The link provided by apt-cache show is dag.wiee.rs/home-made/unoconv . – evaristegd Jul 22 at 16:42
  • 1
    thanks for the heads up, it looks like he changed the repo name on github. I've updated and added your link too - – cleary Jul 22 at 20:10

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